What others say

I want to let you know that now that I understand myself and my drivers so much better, I am far more content and will be taking time and planning exactly how and when I decide to enter the market again. Your help has been invaluable to me! MC, 2018

Thank you again Jo for our session - I am gaining great value - not just in securing future work but in expanding in my confidence and what more I can bring into the community. I’m really loving it and it is the quality that you bring to it which makes the difference Jo. GD, May 2018

I got the job !!! I’m very excited and the company and job feel perfect! I start next month so have a lovely break to enjoy now! I want to thank you for your amazing support! You have been incredible! I have learnt so much over the last few months! Thank you again! AA, 2018

Hey Jo. Just thought I should touch base. I currently work as a disability employment consultant. I love it! Thanks for all of your help. You gave me confidence to go outside my comfort zone and it paid off. You’re amazing! KM, 2018

It has been great to get some professional and updated advice regarding résumés, applying for jobs etc. I have to say I'm impressed with the speed and seemingly ease you can put all this information together. DP, 2017

During the process, Jo identified an organisation that would be a perfect fit for me. Originally, I dismissed this as an ‘impossible dream’ that would never happen as the organisation is very difficult to get in to. With Jo’s support and guidance, I have achieved my ‘impossible dream’! Thanks Jo FW, 2017

I see myself as an active, intelligent person with a wide range of skills and good work ethics that I can offer to an employer or organisation and to society in general. I am also categorised as a “mature aged worker”, and as such suffered from the difficulties associated with securing long-term employment. Jo Shambler assessed my skill sets, helped me polish my résumé, guided my job searching and assisted with my applications and subsequent job interviews. Her professionalism, enthusiasm and support was the major factor in motivating me to secure a full-time role with an organisation that encourages people of all ages to use and improve their skills. In an increasingly cynical world, where job counsellors and job recruiters are only interested in fees and commissions, putting people into roles they are not suited to, where people are not interviewed but sifted through computer programs that look for keywords, Jo Shambler is a person that truly cared about me as an individual. To anyone struggling with their career, whether in a similar position to myself, someone wanting a career change or simply wanting to assess their present role, I would highly recommend the skills and services offered by Jo Shambler and Power Careers. I have said what I feel - you were for me a life saver and I thank you more than words could ever express. KH, 2016

You have been amazing and have given me way more than you probably realise. I am extraordinarily grateful for everything you’ve done and I know there’s no way I would have made it this far without you. Now that I’ve found my strength again, I’m more capable of dealing with this myself – at least I am from the starting point you gave me. I am a lot clearer on what I want – I don’t have any better words than what I had before, but I guess I have a better picture in my mind – maybe because now I’ve had a chance to see for myself some examples of the things I want and don’t want. Moving forward, as a very independent person, it’s really important to me that I do this on my own. I know that you’ll be proud of me for that and will always be there if I do need something. FC, 2016

I did True Colors with Jo last year through work. It’s has been a fantastic ever growing experience to know others as well as myself. Jo is very authentic and passionate about her work. I recommended her to many of my friends and colleagues. True Colors was an incredible experience. It’s benefited me professionally and personally. Whist the content was of benefit the interactive workshop made it very enjoyable and memorable! Jo is a great facilitator. JP, Qld Government 2015