Transition to Retirement

Many people who are considering the end of their formal, paid working life, generally only focus on financial planning. But there is so much more to consider and thinking about the next stage of your life can be exciting, and perhaps just a little daunting.

At Power Careers and Consulting, we believe that putting some time, energy and resources into pondering on and planning the next stages of your life journey are critical to success. What does that success look like?

Successful retirement (or transition into retirement) means that you are physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively happy and healthy. Of course, your financial health is, and has to be, a significant factor in your decisions. But it also means that you have meaning in your life and activities to occupy you. You are engaging with other people who are like-minded and you have a good balance. It’s possibly a time to seek out new challenges and do the things you’ve always wanted to do with the additional time you will have available.

Power Careers and Consulting can provide coaching to individuals, couples and groups to help identify and work through some of the key elements of transitioning to retirement. These include:

  • Career and learning
  • Lifestyle and wellbeing
  • Health – physical, emotional and cognitive
  • Residential arrangements
  • Relationships and communication
  • Using technology
  • Planning and goal setting

Retirement Review – Two-hour program
Provides an introduction to some of the non-financial aspects of retirement and engages individuals in a conversation to review their current state, identify some goals and gain guidance around putting together a plan.

Retirement Planning – Four-hour program
Engages individuals and couples in a more in-depth analysis of their retirement thinking and opportunities and delivers more support in terms of personal coaching.