What is True Colours?

True Colours® is a personality inventory system that uses colours as metaphors for understanding human characteristics and behaviours.

The workshop provides a fun and interactive introduction to True Colours® and engages participants in activities to enable them to identify their colour spectrum to enhance their understanding and appreciation of different personality styles and identifying ways to engage with others more effectively.

This is an excellent tool with which to support personal and professional relationships through better communication and respect for people’s uniqueness and to build cohesive teams that respects individual differences yet draws on them to achieve the common objectives.

True Colours is not a methodology that boxes people in or labels people; rather it explains a blend of colours that influences a person’s behaviour, decisions, values and needs at any given moment in time.

Benefits of True Colours

The most common reason that employees are dissatisfied is workplace relationship issues, especially with their direct supervisor or team leader – followed by a lack of communication, trust, appreciation and fair treatment. The True Colours methodology has helped people worldwide to find greater self-awareness and dramatically improve their relationships.

  1. True Colours provides people with the opportunity to recognise their own potential, strengths and professional development needs and those of others.
  2. It helps people develop a greater awareness of and skills to bridge communication gaps, leading to respect and understanding for themselves and others.
  3. It can open doors to successful professional and personal relationships and creates a climate for effective teambuilding, increased effectiveness and workplace harmony.
  4. Using True Colours enables a universal language to be adopted which can positively influence effective problem solving, increase trust and reduce conflict.

Download True Colours overview (PDF – 482kb)