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Power Consulting delivers a range of individual services and facilitated programs focussed on enhancing individual and team capabilities. I offer a range of group information sessions and workshops focussed on career management as well as team building and other Human Resources related programs.

Career Management

Short sessions (up to 2 hours):
  • Career SWOT
  • Seek (.com) and you shall find
  • Brand You – Résumés
  • Brand You – Written Applications
  • Brand You – LinkedIn
  • Interview Preparation
Half-day workshops:
  • Career Exploration Workshop – This workshop will provide participants with an introduction to career development and its value in enhancing short and long-term employability. Participants are guided through a process to understand themselves and the richness of their skills, knowledge and experience and coached in how to identify the next steps and set realistic career goals.
  • Demystifying the Job Market – Job Search Strategies Workshop – This workshop provides participants with an introduction to job search strategies and how to access and create opportunities.
  • Résumé Re-think – Brand You – This workshop discusses personal branding and the importance of marketing well in the job market, including résumés and your LinkedIn profile.
  • Brand You – Written Applications – This session workshops writing cover letters and addressing selection criteria. The workshop is tailored to sector requirements, e.g. public sector, private sector, higher education sector, etc.
  • Interview Success Strategies – This workshop provides participants with a framework for preparing for and performing at interviews.
Full-day workshop:

This workshop will guide participants through a process to review their skills, knowledge, capabilities, strengths and ideal role profile and help them to set meaningful career goals. Additionally, participants will be provided with practical support in understanding the job market and job search strategies, résumés and cover letters, responding to selection criteria and interview preparation.

Human Resource Management

  • Team Building – utilising True Colours® and MBTI®
  • Performance and Development for Team Leaders
  • Performance and Development for Employees
  • Building Better Workplace relationships
  • Recruitment and Selection (workshops and as a panel member/advisor)
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